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Engaging People This Easter

Easter is commemorated all over the world to celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is a celebration of hope, made even more relevant because of what so many people have had to go through over the past two years of an international pandemic.

Ultimately, the heart of Easter beats around love. It was God's love that moved Him to send Jesus, His Son, down to Earth, and it was love that moved Jesus to give His life for mankind.

As we celebrate Easter this year in the midst of a pandemic that is still raging across the world, how we mirror the love of Christ becomes even more essential. Here are some things we can do during the Easter Weekend to connect to family and friends to ensure that people feel the love of Christ in this time when many of them need it the most.

1. Connect intentionally to a friend. Reach out to a friend this week and set a time to chat and maybe share a coffee or meal. May we give that person what they need to feel encouraged and loved.

2. Connect to a neighbour. Reach out to a neighbour and perhaps swing by with some Easter chocolates and find out if you have something in common with them.

3. Connect to someone in need. Do you know someone currently struggling with COVID-19? Perhaps set some time to swing by and drop off a care package to cheer them up while they recover. Or if you have a particular set of skills, provide free services to help people in the community.

4. Connect to the kids. Invite some families over and have a chocolate egg hunt in the backyard.

5. Connect to God on their behalf. Ask family or friends for prayer requests and set aside extra prayer time to cover your friends or family in prayer.

What are some other ways you can engage others this Easter weekend?

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