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Three No-No's When Reaching Out to Friends

This Easter is an excellent time to connect to friends and family. There are many reasons to do so, but all are ultimately fuelled by a desire to mirror God's love to them. Now whether you're scheduling time for a quick coffee with an officemate or meeting up with someone you haven't seen in a while, here are three things to keep in check to ensure your time with them is helpful and life-giving for all people concerned.

  1. Don't fake it. When you connect, make sure you're being open and natural. Genuine connections require genuine presentation. Be yourself and trust that your personality and experiences will speak life to the person you're meeting with.

  2. Don't fight it. When setting up that meeting, work with a schedule that suits both of you. Schedules won't always align, but as long as you're consistent in trying to set it up, it will work, as your friend or family member will see that meeting up with them is important to you, and they'll be able to sense and appreciate that.

  3. Don't force it. When meeting with people, it's important to let the Holy Spirit guide you. While your conversation or connection may not be explicitly spiritual, this is an opportunity for God to use you to be a blessing to that person. Don't force the situation to suit a particular objective; instead, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you to be the instrument of blessing that God has called you to be in that moment.

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